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Important Information!

Mobile phone: 07813 669394    email:

Now that I have your attention, I'd like to tell you all about a few very significant changes which are taking place at Yellow12 Photography at the moment.

Firstly, and most importantly, I am going to be moving out of my current studio premises as of Tuesday the 17th of August. So I shall no longer be based from Unit 12, Woodend Industrial Estate, Cowdenbeath. I will be running Yellow12 from my home, which is only 2 minutes away from the studio, in Crossgates. The reason for this, is simply because I have become much busier with wedding photography than studio portraiture. As you can imagine, it didn't make financial sense to pay for a large unit when three quarters of it was mostly unused! So I will not have a permanent studio for the next wee while.

However, I love shooting portraits and other studio work, so I will still be offering these services! I have a fully portable studio set up which means I can create a fully functioning, professional studio anywhere there is enough space. So I can still 100% offer studio photography (families, kids, models, pets, dancers, bands etc), it may just mean booking out a local hall for an hour or two to set up in. Crucially though, if you would like some Yellow12 studio portraits, just give me a call and we can sort something out. As an alternative, I am also more than happy to get out and about to do portrait shoots (and model shoots etc.) on location. I'm thinking a beautiful corn field at sunset, or grungy alleyways in the city and so on Get creative with your ideas and give me a shout if you fancy trying it.

I am currently trying to get the phone number (01383 510220) moved over to my house. I dont foresee any problems with this, but there may be a few days when this number might not reach me during the transitional process so please feel free to contact me on my mobile phone: 07813 669394. Of course email will always reach me:

The main function of the studio ended up being a meeting place, where I could chat to couples about shooting their wedding and show samples. Obviously this will be a slightly different set up now. Theres a couple of options available. I am more than happy to come out and do a home visit, whether you are looking for more information on my wedding photography, or if you have me booked and we need to go over details etc. Alternatively, I'd be delighted to buy you a coffee (or a pint...) at any of our local bars/cafes/hotels to sip on while we chat. So I'll still be available to meet with face to face to arrange your wedding photography.

I know this is a bit of a long boring post with no images (I may stick a recent fave up just to keep it a bit more interesting actually) but its important that I let you all know. I'd also like to stress that Yellow12 is going from strength to strength and this move in no way means I am putting less effort into the business. It is exactly the opposite. I am getting more focussed and finetuning the way I work to offer the best quality service and of course, photography.

To reflect this, I am giving Yellow12 a small makeover in the next 2-3 weeks. You can expect to see a revamped logo, a new website, a new blog, new pricelists and some pretty cool new product ideas! And of course, you can expect to see a whole load new pictures! I've been crazy busy shooting and editing weddings over the last few months, so when I have a chance to breathe, I'll be showing some this work off! And there are some stunners. A lot in fact.

If you have any questions, or would like to speak to me about anything, please do get in touch on 07813 669394 or



Portmoak Prom

The images from last nights Portmoak Primary 7 Prom, are now available to view and purchase online. Please click the following link to be taken to the gallery:

Portmoak Prom Gallery

If anyone did not receive a leaflet with prices and the password, please email me at and I can email one through to you.



Audrey + Robbie - Engagement Session

Another engagement session from a few weeks back. Audrey and Robbie are getting married at Audreys parents farm in Thornton a week on Saturday so I thought I better get this blog out into the world. I went along to have a look around the farm with them to get an idea of what we would do on their wedding day. It's in a gorgeous setting, all on its own and I'm spoiled for choice with photo locations. The ceremony is going to take place out in the garden, which I'm so chuffed about. Outdoor ceremonies are the business! Then we went along to Audreys brothers farm to take some pictures with Millie, Audreys horse! Enjoy the pictures.


Mariesha + Neil - Engagement Session

So, I'm a little behind with any blogging at the mo, I apologise. Here are a few images from an engagement session I did with Mariesha and Neil a few weeks ago in Crossgates. I needed to blog these because I've already shot their wedding and have a few new posts from it to get up too!


The Inaugural Rogues Gallery

Last night at Mariesha and Neil's wedding, something special happened. The first Yellow12 'Rogues Gallery' photobooth took place. It was awesome. Here's a sneak preview, the rest will be up online and available to purchase soon.

My first boudoir shoot!

Last night was a first for me, I found myself shooting a 'boudoir session'. Boudoir photography has become hugely popular over the last couple of years, possibly influenced by shows such as 'How to Look Good Naked'.

Whilst I've been aware of this trend, I've never thought to offer it, for one main reason - It's all about making beautiful images of women in lingerie (or occasionally less) - and I'm male. The majority of studios offering boudoir shoots are run by female photographers. I just assumed women would automatically feel more comfortable having their pictures taken by another woman, so I never really thought to pursue this route. However, a few weeks back I was contacted by a previous wedding client who was keen to do a shoot like this, as a present for her partner. Having someone approach me to do the shoot instantly removed the male/female barrier. Once the shoot was scheduled we chose an interesting location and discussed some ideas, which gave us both a good sense of what we were going to do. My subject brought her sister along too which was great, not least because it meant I had a free assistant!

Long story short, it went really well! We got some beautiful pictures. I'd describe them as sensual and stylish without being trashy! Whats more, my 'subject' had a good time. How do i know this? Because this morning I received this very kind email:

Hi Ian

Just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for last night. You totally put me at ease and I didn’t feel uncomfortable or awkward at all.

Both my sister and I had fun and a good giggle!

I'm sure Big* will be totally surprised when he sees them too - I cant wait to see the finished product now!!

Speak soon


*I've changed the names to these SATC references to protect anonymity!

I would absolutely love to share some of the images with you, but they're to be given as a gift, so I cant risk spoiling the surprise!

I don't have any packages set up but if anyone else is interested in this sort of shoot please feel free to get in touch - 01383 510220.


Carly + Nigel - Perth Engagement Shoot

I met up with Carly and Nigel on Monday to do some engagement shots in the grounds of Murrayshall House Hotel in Perth where they're getting married in July. Its beautiful up there, and theres a stunning view from the front of the hotel. I decided to keep the view for the wedding photos, and we used a bit of the expansive gardens for this shoot.  Theres acres of land around the hotel, mostly used for golf, which means there's loads of golf buggies kicking around... I'm trying to convince Carly and Nigel to see if we can hijack one on the wedding day for some cool shots! Hope you enjoy the pictures.


Jen + David - Glasgow Wedding Photography

I'm afraid I've been a bit neglecty (new word?) of the blog recently, but I do have some cool images to get up here soon! I'm also working on a slight rebrand (very minimal) but just tidying up some things I havent had a chance to do since starting out last year.

Anyway! Heres the first of a few blog posts in the next wee while - Jen and Daves beautiful Glasgow wedding. Dave and I shared a flat in first year at Napier Uni (along with Rob who was also in attendance) so it was really nice to get to hang out with some old friends! Thank you all for your hospitality.

Hope you like the photos. 

Jade + Ryan - Lifestyle Portrait Shoot

Jade and I used to work together and we've been talking for ages about doing some shots of her and Ryan. With the weather getting nicer we decided to head out and about and make some magic!


I'm a winner!

I've mentioned before on the blog about how I have been funded and supported by the Princes Scottish Youth Business Trust, and I'm going to mention it again. They are an excellent organistion who offer exceptional guidance and advice for anyone under the age of 26 setting up in business. The Fife regional manager is Fiona Turnbull (any regular blog readers may remember the shoot I did of her kids in a field last summer) who deserves a big mention for organising all the Fife events. One such event is the annual 'gathering' which is always a nice way to catch up with other young people in business as well as some of the fantastic volunteers who give up a lot of time to mentor us.

This years gathering took place last week at Dunfermline Athletics East End Park. This year they had organised a 'Pitch Your Business' competition which Fiona was keen for me to enter. The idea behind the competition is obviously to convey the essence of your business clearly but with the added parameter of doing it in only 30-60 seconds, roughly the amount of time you would have to tell someone what you do if you met them in a lift. Long story short, I won! Which I was quite delighted about because I thought all the other entrants had done a pretty good job! I won a £50 Business Development grant, result!

Just to be a little more self indulgent, below is the press release which Fiona put to the papers:

"Ian Mitchell of Yellow12 Photography delivered the winning Elevator Pitch at the annual gathering of The Prince’s Scottish Youth Business Trust.  The event held at Dunfermline Athletic Football Club attracted 40 business people from across Fife and Ian captured the judges’ attention with his confident delivery and overview of his business.   Yellow12 photography is based in Cowdenbeath and Ian (25) who admits to being passionate about photography strives to produce images that reflect the personalities of all the people he captures. Awarding Ian, a New Park Trust £50 development award, judge Michael Donaldson says, “Ian’s effective elevator pitch delivered just enough information to give the audience an understanding of the business but left them keen to find out more” Fellow judge, Bob Garmory of The Purvis Group added “This is a skill that every business person needs and the six entrants in the competition today delivered a high standard of pitch”

If you know anyone who is under 26 and considering starting up in business, direct them to PSYBT, they'll be glad you did!

Jen + Dave - Engagement Shoot at Whitelee Windfarm

This past weekend was a pretty busy affair. I had my first wedding of the year at Crutherland House Hotel in East Kilbride, more on that to come shortly on the blog, then on Sunday I was back over that way to photograph Jen + Daves' engagement session. I foolishly scheduled it for 9 am on Sunday morning thinking about getting some nice directional light. However I neglected to think of the logistics! It meant getting home after 11pm on the Saturday, having to download a few memory cards and charge some batteries before setting off again at 8ish the next day. Go me. However I managed fine and we got some great pictures at Whitelee Windfarm, which is quite an amazing place. I should point out that Dave was my flatmate in student halls a few years back, so it was really good to catch up with him and Jen, and also their now 3 year old son Tom! I can't believe you have a son who is three years old already Dave! And whats more, he seems to have been raised pretty well so far...I'll fill him in on a few stories about his Dad at some stage.

It was bitterly cold so we only braved the elements for 20 minutes or so, but I'm chuffed with what we got in that time!

Hope you like the pictures.

Lesley + Steve - Engagement Shoot on Calton Hill

On Sunday I met up with Lesley and Steve on a blustery but sunny day atop Calton Hill in Edinburgh. I'm photographing their wedding next month so we decided we'd better get out and do their engagement shoot before the wedding sneaks up on us all! It was the first time I'd ever actually ventured up Calton Hill, and I was impressed! Stunning views and the pillars are a photographers playground! I'm less fussy for the odd tourists who kept making a beeline straight for exactly where we shooting! I actually didnt shoot as many images as I thought because we were so busy chatting, but I hope you like the following selection from the day.


Meg - Edinburgh Dance Photography

Meg is an Edinburgh based dancer who came over last week to shoot a portfolio with me. We decided that as much as its a dance portfolio, it should also look quite modelly, so we spent a few hours shooting some different setups. I'm delighted with what we got, Meg was great to photograph, very natural in front of the camera. These are just a handful of previews from our shoot.

If you'd like a portfolio put together for dancing, music, acting or modelling get in touch on 01383 510220!

Christmas Orders

Just a short but very polite message to let you all know that any big items (anything other than 6x4, 7x5 and 8x6 prints) must be ordered by this Friday the 11th of December for 'guaranteed' Christmas delivery. Prints and print packs can be ordered up until the 20th December.

Ho ho ho!